Design a Hello Bello Diaper Print for Summer 2020!
Have a great idea for a Hello Bello diaper print? We're asking our community to create a new pattern with the chance to win a year's supply of diapers!

How It Works

Create & Submit a Design

Doodle a diaper design and submit it along with your email address by October 18th.

Hello Bello will post our five favorite designs on October 22nd for the community to vote on.
Voting will end on October 30th

The winning design will be announced on November 4th and the winner will receive a year’s worth of bundles* plus $780 to a charity of their choice.

Submit Your Design

The winner will be invited to  collaborate with our design team to turn their doodle into a Hello Bello diaper design.

The winning design will be sold on hellobello.com and walmart.com starting Aug. 26, 2020

Contest Terms & Conditions

Get Inspired!

A Peek into Hello Bello’s Pattern Design Process

Begin with a concept sketch

Create basic colors & shapes

Refine colors & shapes

Clean up and finalize pattern

Sleepy Sloths!


Everyone’s an artist – whether your comfort level is stick figures or Starry Night. Either way, we want to see YOUR take on what art belongs on cute buns everywhere. Send us your most creative doodles, and remember, there’s no wrong answer (besides, it’ll get pooped on anyway).

P.S. No plagiarism please.